South Africa’s Largest Home and Office Supplier Commits to Bettering Child Learning

TOWER Kids, as part of the TOWER range, has undergone a brand refresher as of July 2018 which promises renewed commitment to the development and education of children.

This brand evolution will bring about several new and exciting events for our customers to enjoy, including the release of an innovative website, updated product packaging and brand-new in-store displays. We will be launching a series of digital campaigns that will run alongside these upcoming events, transforming the physical and the digital spheres of TOWER Kids.

The TOWER Kids’ product line was created to facilitate childhood learning in an encouraging and engaging way. This has been exemplified by a range of products that incorporate fine motor skills, creativity, family time, self-esteem, sensory play, problem-solving and numerical skills. These core lessons will be represented in online content in the form of fun instructional videos that customers will be able to access and enjoy with their children. A core value of the products are to engage the whole family, encouraging parents to interact with their children to facilitate their learning.

The TOWER Kids’ range of specifically developed and designed products aims to stimulate your children’s minds by sparking a passion for learning and exploring in an interactive way. With the help of child psychologists, each product has been tested to ensure the best quality and safety. You can rest assured knowing that your child will nurture a keen intellect and sense of curiosity that will inspire their learning.

“There is a greater picture, other than pure profit. We operate in a broader society, a community, and this is reflected in our business,” says Stephen Beattie, Managing Director of TOWER. This is proof that TOWER remains steadfast in their dedication to simplifying lives from childhood to adulthood: with them every step of the way.

For more information or to view the new range of TOWER Kids products call 0800 220 488 or visit


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