Homework can be fun

The new year is forging ahead and we all have so much on our plates that the last thing we feel like dealing with at the end of a long day are homework hassles. But take heart, it is possible to turn homework time into quality time and have lots of fun along the way. By doing this from an early age, even the busiest of parents can instil a love of learning and exploring, along with perseverance and responsibility in their child – something that will stand your child in good stead for the rest of his or her life.

Children learn best through play. And they love nothing more than being busy, useful and hands on, especially with Mum or Dad encouraging, guiding and affirming their actions. So, how can we as parents encourage curiosity and a love of learning whilst simultaneously developing responsibility and boosting concentration in our kids? We can do this by ensuring that homework is fun, right from the start of a school career.

Here’s how:

  1. Organise

An excellent way to teach responsibility is to introduce structure. To achieve this, TOWER Kids has the perfect Weekly Planner which comes with a magnetic board, black marker and eraser. You can stick this on the fridge for all to see, or on the child’s cupboard door, using the double-sided tape provided. Let your little one help you to set up this system to keep track of their homework and weekly activities. And use it to teach time management and organisational skills in even the youngest child.

  1. Reward

Reward Chart is also an excellent motivator. TOWER Kids offers versions in both English and Afrikaans. Encourage your child to track his or her performance, whether it be homework, daily chores or behaviour.

  1. Improvise

TOWER Kids Splash & Learn range of educational bath time products are perfect homework tools when time has run away. Alphabet & Numbers can make both numerical or spelling homework great fun in the bathtub. Colour & Count from the same series is also perfect for practising arithmetic in the tub. You can start with basic number recognition with littlies and advance to times tables and complicated multiplication and division for bigger kids.

  1. Create

Baking is another fun way of developing reading, maths, and spatial skills. Allow your child to read the recipe to you, count or measure ingredients and calculate how many cookies or tartlets will be able to be cut from the dough or pastry, and fit in the pan. They can also learn about temperature and time in this way. And, of course, they’ll love the tasty rewards!

  1. Play

Mosaic by Numbers is another fun TOWER Kids product, which can be used to teach number recognition and sequencing whilst enhancing all-important fine motor skills. And as the picture grows, you could play a game halving numbers, or doubling them, depending on your child’s ability.

Have fun! Homework has never been more pleasurable.

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