Countdown to Christmas with TOWER kids

The year is whizzing to its close and the long summer break will be upon us before we can blink! Unless you’re booked on a busy holiday away, most parents – especially working moms and dads – will be looking for ways to keep their littlies safely and constructively busy as the countdown to Christmas begins.

As this has been a rather bleak year economically for most of us, we need to think of inexpensive and novel ways of keeping the magic of the season alive without breaking the bank. Creative play is always a good place to start – and making a DIY Activity Advent Calendar is a fun way to keep your kids happily engaged without spending a fortune on a store-bought advent calendar as they count down the days to Christmas.

Simplicity has, and always will be, the essence of design. All you need is one piece of firm cardboard that you can decorate in any way you wish. Then, use a few pieces of paper or cardboard to create 25 flap-up windows on the firmer piece of card. Each window can lift up to reveal a clue as to where that day’s activity kit is hidden. This will add an extra element of fun to the advent experience.

Because no one knows your child as well as you do, compiling your own DIY Activity Advent Calendar allows you to create something special and unique that is specifically suited to your little one. Depending on the age of your child, and of course your own creativity and time, you can consider daily advent surprises as simple as providing flower or vegetable seeds, with instructions on how and where to plant and care for these. For the older child, how about a recipe for baking Christmas cookies? And of course, you can add in the odd treat, but you may then have to contend with some chocolate-munching before breakfast!

For moms and dads who are just too busy to dream up daily surprises, don’t despair because TOWER kids offers a range of suitable creative activities to fill your child’s advent calendar. And as a bonus, you can teach your children about giving, as many of the creations will be suitable as gifts for beloved family members or friends.

  • Sand and Glitter Art Greeting Cards will keep your little one busy for hours and the pack includes everything your child will need
  • Paper Weaving, which comes complete with a pre-cut picture and coloured paper strips, will help your little one develop dexterity and co-ordination while weaving a ladybug or giraffe or sunflower or cow
  • Dot-a-Picture, which is perfect for teaching accuracy, co-ordination and patience, may become another lovingly made gift by your child for a favourite aunt or uncle
  • Scratch & Sticker which comes complete with a picture board, scratch sticker sheet and scratch tool, offers hours of fun dressing different characters and then scratching patterns onto the elephant, girl, dragonfly, bear, pirate or fish

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