Lay a foundation for learning STEM subjects

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, or ‘STEM subjects’ as they are known, are becoming increasingly important in schools, especially as populations expand, numbers of learners per class grow, and competition grows globally.

Teachers these days need innovative technological solutions to teach each child more effectively, especially in large class situations. As parents, we need to complement this by being even more supportive and involved in our children’s education at home if we don’t want our little ones to be left behind in this fast-growing competitive world.

Teachers are adopting more and more technologies to reach the bigger classroom, and project-based learning, along with increased learning management systems, are being implemented in most schools today. But solid parent involvement, encouraging our kids to become more innovative, expressive and technologically literate, is vitally important. We need to start preparing our kids for the future as early as the toddler stage. And we can do this through play, especially ‘science’ play, because scientific play engages a child’s curiosity for exploration and discovery.

The TOWER Kids Little Scientist range offers the perfect building blocks for our little ones’ future. And because this range requires parents to assist children who cannot yet read, important bonding between parent and child is encouraged as you read together. As a bonus, you will support reading skills, instill concepts of cause and effect, help your child to develop fine motor skills and learn to follow instructions – all while having lots of fun.

Some ways to involve your little scientists in STEM-inspired play from TOWER Kids:

  • Make your own Glow Monster following Toby and the Swamp Monster Storybook
  • Create your own Magic Snow following Toby’s Snow Day Storybook
  • Experiment with Liquid Pearls while reading Toby and the Lost Treasure Storybook
  • Have fun creating Magic Bubbles while reading Toby and the Magical Jelly Fish Storybook
  • Make your own Bouncing Balls
  • Test your patience and perseverance by growing your own Crystal Tree
  • Make funny noises as you play with Stretchy Goo that you’ve created yourself
  • Be a little scientist and grow your own Magic Crystals

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